Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy focuses on treating and preventing musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. For many people, it has become a key component of a balanced training regimen. Using techniques that focus on areas specific to your individual sport, activity or injury, massage therapy can be geared toward athletes of every kind, from Olympic hopefuls to weekend joggers. The documented physiologic and psychological benefits of sports massage include:

  • massage 2improving circulation
  • relaxing muscles/reducing soreness
  • increasing flexibility/range of motion
  • reducing fatigue
  • increasing focus and alertness
  • improving endurance
  • helping to prevent injuries
  • helping to restore normal body movement and function
  • helping to prepare your body and mind for optimal athletic performance

If you participate in regular physical activity, sports massage therapy may be a great option to incorporate into your current routine. Contact us to learn about sports massage options that fit your schedule, activity level, goals and budget.